Catalog Courier

Fast, free and easy.

A Free Service to ASI Members at ASI Show

How do I get started?

Visit the Catalog Courier desk in Registration and sign up for free. You’ll be given a unique number along with two bags. While walking the show floor, drop off your bags at the Catalog Courier drop-off points, which are marked with red balloons. Or, locate them on the floor plan in your show directory.

NOTE: For catalogs or samples deemed particularly important, it is recommended that you drop your items in the Package Shipping area on the show floor so that you can leave with your UPS tracking number in hand.

What do I need to ship my items?

You'll need your personal/company UPS number, which allows you to use your discounted UPS rate. Your UPS number will be put into the system so your items will be shipped to you automatically after you drop off.

What if I don’t have a UPS number?

You can sign up today to enjoy discounts as an ASI member:
U.S. members can enroll in ASI's UPS program at:
Canadian members can enroll in ASI Canada's UPS program at:

How can I get free shipping?

ASI distributor and decorator members will receive free shipping for one box to anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada (no international shipments or shipments to U.S. territories) via ground transportation up to $30 when you complete the Passport Plus program (any box over 70 lbs. may be subject to a surcharge).

Can I use this service even if I don’t want to ship my items?

Yes. If you prefer to take your packages with you, stop by Package Shipping no later than 15 minutes before the show ends. Otherwise, your box will be shipped to the provided address.

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